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Interview with WCOOM 2012 winner

Kanying from Canada won the championship in World Championship of Online Mahjong tournament held in December 2012. As an extra prize she won a VIP trip to Macau with two-night stay at Grand Hyatt Macau and an allowance of 1000USD in cash. The PR manager of Dragon Kong, interviews her. Dragon Kong: Hello kanying, congratulations on winning the tournament! Could you please describe how it felt to win WCOOM2012? kanying: Excited and felt that day was my lucky day because all participants are all experienced player.   Dragon Kong: How long have you been playing mahjong? kanying: More than 30 years.   Dragon Kong: How long and how often have you been playing Dragon Kong? kanying:  I start to play Dragon Kong since 2011 June—more than 2 years, usually play 5-6 days/week.   Dragon Kong: Do you play live as well? kanying:  Yes, Hong Kong Style.   Dragon Kong: Nowadays, are you playing more live or online? kanying: Online because online game...
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2013 International Online Riichi Mahjong Competition

International Online Riichi Mahjong Competition 2013 organized by the Korean Mahjong League (KML) will be held on the 27th of October 2013 on with participants total from Japan, Russia, China, Hong Kong and South Korea.You will be able to watch the the games online. Korean Mahjong League The official page of IORMC 2013 Share on Facebook

World Wide Mahjong

Riichi mahjong is almost a national game to the Japanese. For the Japanese it is easy to believe that the game is only played in Japan. However the truth is with the rise of popularity of Japanese popular culture in many European and western countries,  even our style of mahjong is being played outside of Japan and it is gaining popularity every day. To take a simple example, did you know that there was a European Riichi championship held in Asustria in 2013? The popularity of Riichi Mahjong has grown so much that the European Mahjong Association has published a rule book defining the official rules for “European Riichi”.  The rules are still based on the Japanese style but do not allow such hands such as the open tanyao. Share on Facebook

WCOOM 2013

World Championship Of Online Mahjong 2013 For the 2nd year Mahjong Logic is getting ready to launch this years World Championship of Online Mahjong (WCOOM) 2013. According to the official site this years event will have no satellites leading to guaranteed place in the final tournament. The event is scheduled for the first weekend in December. Much like last years event the tournament will get you a ticket to Macao. Share on Facebook